The Wedding

The day is finally here. 

Here  is a 360° photo

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Why I’m Late to Work this Morning

So you know how it is, your on your way to work, you have Waze running and your thinking that you will get to the train station in plenty of time.  That is until you see the flashing lights in your rear view mirror. The Washington state trooper that pulled me over was very pleasant and friendly. I wish I had caught her name, but you know, traffic stop.

Long story short, I was missing my year tag from my back plate. Seems that it was still taped to my registration. I remember back in March that the jeep and the license place were covered in mud, so I was going to apply the sticker later. She was glad I found it, and even applied it for me. Then she comes back to passenger window and said no ticket or warning, and by the way “awesome jeep”. When I pointed out the egg in the back and the Barbasol can on the dash, I could just catch a hint of Jurassic Park fan girl coming out.

Then she asked if it was OK if she took a photo, so she could tell her coworkers over morning report and coffee that she pulled over the Jurassic Park jeep. I said of course!

So besides the tweet I sent to Washington State Patrol, I just wanted to say thank you to the nameless trooper who made me not care I was late for my train this morning.

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An “Easter Egg” for the Jeep

The other night when we had dinner at The Table in Tacoma. We could see the Jeep from where we sat and a couple of guys walking by were gawking at the Jeep and taking photos. One noticed the barbasol can, and they both cup their hands against the window to see what else was inside. This happens more than you would think. So I decided to make another “Easter egg” for people to find. Literally – an egg.

A quick purchase from etsy and I have a resin replica raptor egg. A trip to goodwill and I have a small $10 pet carrier. Another trip to the arts and craft store and I have some moss and plastic fern fronds.  I give you the InGen specimen collection cage.

So the next time someone peaks in the window – they will see a raptor egg.

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Buddiepole First Field Test

Setting up a field station on the top of Red Mountain with KX3 and Buddie Pole

Setting up a field station on the top of Red Mountain with KX3 and Buddie Pole

So I was in the Wenatchee National Forest recently, see “It All Started with a Photo on Facebook“. I brought my KX3 and the new Buddie Pole. We drove up to the top of Red Mountain where the rest of our party did the 1 Mile hike to the fire tower there. I opted to stay in the parking area and set up a field station with the new antenna and a the KX3. Got good results on 20 meters, however for some unknown reason 40 meters would not get me anything better than a 24:1 SWR. Just as I was troubleshooting, the hikers returned so I had to stop and close down.

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It All Started with a Photo on Facebook


The Photo that started it all

So for the last few months I have been looking forward to this seasons opening camping trip. Dispersal camping in the Wenatchee NF just north of Liberty, WA. Then a few weeks ago I noticed a photo of a Jeep on a cliff edge in a Facebook group that I belong to. The moment I saw it, I knew I have to get a photo of my Jeep on that same rock. Turns out it was less than two miles from where we were planning on camping!

So asking on the group where this was, learning the name of the trail, Hole in the Rock, and then exploring the area with Google Earth – I found what I was pretty sure the right spot. So in it went as a waypoint into the GPS.

Well it was the right rock! It was a lot less dangerous than it looks in photos. It was fun to get our rigs (two Jeep Wranglers and a Toyota 4 Runner) up on that ledge get some great shots.

Now, for the REAL adventure. So back at the campsite at the end of the day, Dave starts speculating that you could hang your tires over the edge of that rock, and because of the angle you could rest your rig on the frame and be relatively safe. We were shut down pretty quickly by both our wives. We dropped the subject, however there was this silence and I am pretty sure at the moment Dave and I were thinking the same thing, “How can we do this…”

The next morning, we had just the opportunity we needed. A young man maybe 20 years old came to our campsite, he was looking for friends, and had very vague directions. It sounded like was describing the group of campers next to the rock, down the the “danger zone” signs that had posted around camp. So instead of trying to explain to him how to get there. I said, I’ll just take you, and Dave said he would come along too. With very little said, we knew what we were going to do.

So we led our visitor to the campsite – and it turned out it was not his friends. Who knew there was more than one campsite with “Danger Zone” signs around it?

Dave and I put a plan into action. So here is the video. We had a go pro and two iPhones. One of which went tumbling down over the cliff and subsequently rescued by Dave, that’s another video…



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Added a Rear Tire Carrier Basket

IMG_9877So I added a rear tire carrier basket to the Jeep. I think it’s sitting too high because it wobbles a bit too much when it has a load. Strapping the basket to the roof rack really helps. I am going to see about drilling some holes in it so I can shorten the length of the legs of the basket.

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So after hemming and hawing.. I finally bought a Buddipole antenna. It’s going to be nice to throw in the back of  the Jeep and make some HF contacts during the camping this summer. As mush fun as it can to throw a wire in a tree, I’m looking forward to using it.



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The Park is Open

You may not realize this, however during the winter season when highway 410 is closed – “the park is open”. Which means you can strap on your snow shoes and make your way up highway 410.

We recently went on a 4 mile round trip hike where we followed Highway 410 until we came to where it meets the White River. A few downed trees, but nothing impassable. We saw recent elk tracks as too. We had lunch near the river and drank our cocoa made with melted snow – or “snow-co”.

Afterwords we went up to Crystal Mountain Ski resort with plans to ride the Gondola to the summit. However the woman manning the ticket both warned us away as the visibility was extremely low, and the gondola was delayed because of the winds. So we decided to try the lodge for lunch, which was extremely busy. Just as we were deciding to leave I hear “Jeff?”. It was old friends Tom and Terra Ahlborn were sitting at a table right next the waiting area. We opted for gong to Charlie’s’ Cafe in Enumclaw – which as it turned out closed at 2 PM that day. So we ended up going to The Butter Biscuit. It was a great day with some great friends.


More information and directions on this hike here.



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If You are Using Trend Micro – Stop and Change your Passwords 

Trend Micro has patched the recently discovered Password Manager flaw that enabled hackers to steal users’ passwords, but it faces long-term damage to its reputation.

Source: Password Manager flaw will hurt Trend Micro’s reputation

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Amateur Extra?

Well for the last 13 weeks I have been going to a class to get my Amature Extra license. Tomorrow I take the test. I have to get 74% (37) correct on 50 question test. Wish me luck!

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