Don’t Fall for this Scam

So we got this call about 6 times today on the answering machine. It’s obviously a scam. However the scope of this effort and the target, Apple … amazes me. Turns out that this scam could be a couple of months old. It’s new to me though. Unlike the Fortune story this was not a real person but a robo-call. Like any another scam they are just evolving.

Here is what appears on the caller ID

The phone number comes up as 408-606-5775. That’s the real phone number for the Cupertino store next to Apple Headquarters.

The audio gives out a different number. That of course takes you to someone who just wants to get your credit card or AppleID + password.

Do you think the people that came up with Siri would use that voice? Why wouldn’t the scammers just use Siri to record the message to add a bit more credibility to their call.

Most people I know would not fall for this, however we all know someone who is susceptible to this kind of scam. So spread the word and educate.

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