Why I’m Late to Work this Morning

So you know how it is, your on your way to work, you have Waze running and your thinking that you will get to the train station in plenty of time.  That is until you see the flashing lights in your rear view mirror. The Washington state trooper that pulled me over was very pleasant and friendly. I wish I had caught her name, but you know, traffic stop.

Long story short, I was missing my year tag from my back plate. Seems that it was still taped to my registration. I remember back in March that the jeep and the license place were covered in mud, so I was going to apply the sticker later. She was glad I found it, and even applied it for me. Then she comes back to passenger window and said no ticket or warning, and by the way “awesome jeep”. When I pointed out the egg in the back and the Barbasol can on the dash, I could just catch a hint of Jurassic Park fan girl coming out.

Then she asked if it was OK if she took a photo, so she could tell her coworkers over morning report and coffee that she pulled over the Jurassic Park jeep. I said of course!

So besides the tweet I sent to Washington State Patrol, I just wanted to say thank you to the nameless trooper who made me not care I was late for my train this morning.

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