The Worst-Designed Thing You’ve Never Noticed

Robin and were having a relaxed Sunday morning and we started watching a TED Talk on the TV. It was about design and flags. It was a great 18 minute presentation. When the presenter Roman Mars started talking about City Flags, we paused it, and looked up Tacoma. It was apparently obvious that the flag violated the 5 rules of flag design he shared moments earlier. We pressed play, and a minute later Roman showed a slide containing 10 examples of bad city flags – there much to our amusement was the City of Tacoma’s flag.

It’s a fun presentation and informative at same time. I highly recommend you watch it when you have 18 minutes. Don’t worry people of Tacoma, you have nothing to worry about, just check out the flag for the city of Milwaukee or Pocatello.

tacoma flag


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