They are Living a Dream- Possibly Mine

_DSC2944I love the idea of over-landing, and last week during field day was really the first time I have done true dispersal camping in the Jeep. Other times it’s always some sort of campground  where there is a least a parking spot and water nearby. I really want to do more true over-landing style of camping.

Yesterday I went to the annual Wings and Wheels event at the Tacoma Narrows Airport. This annual event has been going on for about five years now. I always miss it because we are usually out of town. Not this time as we were home this Independence Day weekend , and since the airport is a 12 minute walk from our house, it was an easy choice to visit.

_DSC2945Lot’s of planes and an air show. Also a lot of classic cars. This is where I meet Graeme Bell and his family.  There were at the show promoting their over-land trip that included circumnavigating South America, and in the process visiting every county on that continent.

_DSC2946Graeme and his family where there with there “landy” a modified Land Rover Defender 130. The four of them have been traveling in this beast for three years. As you can see form the photos they have it packed to the gills with all of their needs. After South America, they are now continuing their adventure by making their way to Alaska. You can follow them on   social media. The best place to start is their website,

I had a great conversation with Graeme and his wife Luisa, bought their book “WE WILL BE FREE“, one of the ways they are funding this adventure. I’m looking forward to reading it.


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