New Critter in My Back Yard

Not my photo

Stock Photo of a Long-Tailed Weasel

This morning looking out at my back yard a saw a common sight. A rabbit darting across the yard. Then a millisecond later I noticed a brown streak chasing the rabbit. The streak aborted the chase about half way through the yard and the rabbit made it to safety.

I called Robin to the door to show her the ferret looking brown streak , which we finally identified as a long-tailed weasel thanks to some quick searching on Google. This is a new addition to our back yard menagerie. We have become accustom to our back yard zoo, and know it’s inhabitants well. The deer, the coyote, the raccoons, countless birds and of course THE BEAR.

I did not have the camera nearby this morning when it happened. I hope to capture its image the next time  she “pops” in.

Robin did some reading on the long-tailed weasel and it’s a carnivore that will not only take something larger than itself (like the rabbit) it also has a  love for rodents. So considering this years explosion in the local mouse population I can see why we have a new visitor . I can only hope I can capture this cute little rodent muncher on film and get something as viral as weasel riding a woodpecker. Because we have those in our back yard too.

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