Rugged Justice

I’ve been ignoring this on the blog and doing more on social media. However there is a show on Animal Planet that is showcasing the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. It’s called Rugged Justice and Season 1 just finished a few weeks ago. Guess who appears now and then? Our niece Natalie who is a WDFW Officer. She has an incredible job. This last week alone she dealt with a cougar and bear. Being a WDFW Office she has a charter that covers City,County, State, and Federal jurisdiction . Making her one of the most powerful LEO’s in the state.  We are very proud of her.

Oh, and she also got to take the boat on a tactical exercise with an in service Washington State Ferry! No pictures of that of course. The passengers on the ferry had ring side seats for it!

Here are the photos she sent us this week. Amazing huh?

Check you local listings and on demand for Rugged Justice. It’s also available on iTunes.


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