Another Trip to Lower Lena Lake

So had  another hike with the Out of the Cube Adventures. This time to Lower Lena Lake.It ended up with just two of use going. Thank goodness it was someone I knew, our good friend Rebekah. She also carpooled with me.  I now know why we have a a strick no-show policy in place for the group. There were 8 people that had signed up to go. None of the no-shows changed their RSVP. We waited around for almost 30 minutes in case someone got lost getting to the trail head.

Lower Lena Lake is a great trail, one of the most popular day hikes in the Olympics National Forest. Even near the end of February there were plenty of other hikers.

I decided to do something fun with this hike, I brought my Biolite stove and the grill, a small frozen steak and some sliced red peppers. I seal-a-mealed both of them the night before. I also brought a we bit to the amber gravy (a single malt scotch) along. It made for a fantastic lunch! I also brought my own fuel for the stove. I just chopped up some small fist size bits of dried fire wood in a one quart plastic zip lock bag. That bag can hold up to three meals worth if full and it’s very light weight. I don’t have to worry about trying to light damp wood in the middle of February.

The composting toilet was closed, and instructions to use the privie[sic].

I did feel a bit guilty having steak, scotch, and finally some hot coffee while Rebekah sat there with her honey and peanut butter sandwich.



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