Tahuya Again

Meet up with the same group that adopted me in March. This time got to spend more than 45 minutes. Explored the trails in Tahuya for a good 5 hours. Learned more about what my Jeep can do. More importantly , what it can not do. There were nine rigs in all 8 Jeeps and 1 Ford pickup.

The nice thing about Tahuya it’s a great place for a beginner like myself. Every place on the trail where I hear that voice in my head that says “You could bend something”, there is a bypass that I could almost take Robin’s CRV on instead. Though I would not recommend it.

I created a flickr set of the photos. One of our group took an this excellent “hero shot” of me in the Jeep coming up a hill. I love it.

tahuya 4-1-12 16

There were two other 2012 JK’s there both black, and side by side you could not tell the that mine was not black. The “Black Forrest Green with Pearl Coat” of my rig really needs to be in the direct sun in order to see it. I’s it’s ever stolen, I’m calling it black.

Watch two rigs fall into the ditch on one hill. One was a 2012 like mine…


What amazed me was that he came out of that with very little damage. The rock guard/step tube on the side too the brunt of it. The only real damage seemed to be the turn indicator on the front left fender.

That more that I can saw for this Ford pickup..


He came out with a little more damage.


Even before these attempts, I decided I was not doing that hill after seeing others on youtube try it. So, I just took the bypass on the left and skipped that. It was fun to watch as one of our group successfully made it up the hill. There is a brief clip in my iMovie trailer.

So if anything these trips to Tahuya are teaching me what I need to know and how I am going to customize my rig. First on the list a winch and a bumper to put it on.

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