One Armed and Typing and dictating…

Surgery went well. They did not have to borrow tendon from elsewhere.

I am using my iPad and Dragon dictation to do most of my electronic communications. Including this post. It’s working well.

The surgery to repair my bicep went fast. It only lasted an hour and 20 minutes. Where they had predicted five hours.They did a nerve block for pain management. It lasted up until Tuesday afternoon. Now I’m strictly on medication to control the pain. It’s manageable. All the feeling has returned to my left hand.

Robin has been a wonderful nurse.

Started my paperwork at the office today for my medical leave. I finally get to use up some of EIB that I have accumulated the last 23 years.

For those of you who are interested below is a video the same procedure I had done on my arm to reattach my tendon. except in my surgery there was no drilling.

Warning, it’s graphic.

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