My Latest Acquisition – The CD V-777-2 Radiation Detection Kit


CD V-777-2 Radiation Detection Kit

So last night I was a at party, when one of the guest came in with a find from a local antique shop. A Civil Defense Radiation Detection Kit from the early 80’s. This equipment is pretty much the same as kits from the 60’s. The kit came with 2 of everything, they bought it with the anticipation splitting it up. Little did they know I have been looking for one of these for a while. So after a quick barter and Paypal payment made on the spot I now have:

  • 1 CD V-715 Survey Meter
  • 2 CD V-742 Dosimeters
  • 1 CD V-750 Dosimeter Charger

Plus the users manual, complete with schematics and parts list and the original box. I’m thinking I have to add this to my whole Zombie Response Vehicle plans for the Jeep. Maybe for the Run for Your Lives event we are going to in August, I could find a while plastic jump suit and a gas mask. Then carry this survey meter around.

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