Of all the things…

So after 4 wheeling on Sunday and dropping of the nieces back home, I stopped at Starbucks. It was clear and 65 degrees out. So I decided to take off the two front panels on the roof of the jeep. So what happens? as I am loading them into the back I feel a “twang” in my left arm. Followed by extreme pain. After driving home one handed I had Robin take me to Urgent Care. I tore a muscle in my bicep. So now my arm in in sling and I’m typing one handed. It could be 6 weeks before I can fully use my arm again.

Update:  I’m doing OK, still wearing the sling, can type, but just can not lift things, which is bad timing because today is moving day at the office.  The act of turning a door knob causes me great pain. So glad i have a standing workstation at the office. It actually made typing with an arm in a sling much easier.

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