Catch and Release or Angry Cars

wazeI use a navigation app on my phone called WAZE. It is a great navigation app that crowd sources traffic and user data, and a whole lot more. One of the things users can share is the location of police. So as I am driving I can her “Police ahead” warning me that there might be a trooper on the road ahead spotted by another WAZE user.

This is a story from a about two years ago before WAZE was bought by Google. I’m just now sitting down to write it up, it’s one of may favorite WAZE stories.

So there I am on HWY 16 going east and approaching the I-5 interchange. This is where traffic always slows up during rush hour. I see this car behind me doing the typical aggressive driving by weaving in and out of cars. He is constantly changing lanes looking for an opening. The kind of driving that just makes you say “jerk!”. So this guy ends up behind me. He can not pass me. because of the cars to my left and right are also pacing me.  Just then I hear “Police reported ahead” from WAZE. When that happens this aggressive driver is behind me and following the car to my left a little too close. So what do I do? I pull back on the accelerator a slowly creating room for this guys to make his move. I’m trying to time this just right. So imagine, that I pulling back on the sling shot, better yet, it’s like loading a round in the chamber. The driver takes the bait, slips in between the space with barely enough rom, and zoom! Off he goes and less than five seconds later I see the lights of the state trooper come one along with the howl of the siren.

It felt good. It was the same satisfying feeling you get when you launch an angry bird and hit your target.

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