Hacking My Cat

So  trying to work at home today was made a bit more difficult by our cat Sophia. Constantly trying to get on my lap.  Like many cats, she seeks heat. So I placed towel on the floor for her to sit on next to the heat register. That seems to work most of the time. Then I noticed something. Every time the furnace kicked on, Sophia would jump of my lap and go back to the towel next to the heat register. She was getting her cue from the sound of the furnace turning on. So I stepped it up one notch. I took the flap from a cardboard box headed for the recycle bin curved it, and pinned it to the floor with some tape. So now when the furnace kicks on, it redirects some of the air right at her towel. As you can see in the video, she likes it, and she is not leaving her towel as much. Plus I am getting work done, as soon as I finish this post that is!

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