What Next? Godzilla?

The tragedies, and I mean tragedies, in Japan cause us all a a sense of helplessness. All that they have been through, and are going through, and now a volcano erupts for the first time in 52 years. This whole thing is playing out like a bad SyFy movie. It seems only a matter of time before we see images of a large reptile stomping through downtown Tokyo.

About 950 miles (1,500 km) south of Friday’s earthquake, the Shinmoedake cone on the Kirishima mountain range erupted on Sunday. The blast was the volcano’s largest in 52 years, the BBC reported. The volcano had been active earlier in the year, and despite the renewed activity coinciding with last week’s earthquake, any link between the two would be speculation at this time, reported the Los Angeles Times.

via Shinmoedake volcano: Japan’s explosive geology explained – CSMonitor.com.

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