Call of Duty®: Black Ops has Nazi Zombies!!!

wpid-cod5_zombies-2010-12-27-11-47.jpgI was excited about CoD coming out in November but did not buy it because I knew it would be an easy Christmas present for people to get me. Besides I needed to finish a couple of campaigns in other games. What I did not realize was until I loaded CoD on on my game console, that the online play has cooperative mode against – ready? Nazi Zombies. Fun stuff ,and I seems to have stopped playing the campaign mode for now, while I board up doors and windows while loading my shotgun waiting for the next wave of the undead or hell hounds.  Though Zombies are making a comeback, the idea of Nazi Zombies has always been a smaller sub-genre of Zombie-dom. There are only 3 or 4 movies at the most that deal with Nazi Zombies now CoD is bringing them out of the dark into the light – right in front of my sub-machine gun.

So a big thank you to Robin for getting this game for me Christmas! I have to go, I need to clear a room of these undead fiends find a way to turn the power on for the auto-turrent.

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