AT&T Data Plans – Really Not That Bad, for us anyways

I’m a geek and IT professional. I use way more data than voice on my iPhone. I have wanted tethering since I first got my iPhone. Yes, I stood in line and had the first iPhone purchased in the Greater Tacoma Area. I use it it a lot. I mean a lot. Ask anyone who commutes with me. Even then I consume somewhere between 400 and 800 MB a month of data. That include me tethering on occasion (don’t ask).  Part of it is that I am surrounded by WIFI most of day and nights. So a cap of 2GB for me is pretty much unlimited for me. The same is true for my wife Robin, who since getting a 3G for Christmas (replacing my old Original iPhone) has data usage that is creeping up to my levels.

So keeping in mind that we currently pay $60/month in data plans for our two iphones and that Robin does not have the need for tethering…

Current Plan New Plan
Jeff $30 $25
Jeff Tethering NA $15
Robin $30 $25
==== ====
Total $60 $65

So the way I see it, for us anyways, we get one account with tethering for another $5 a month. I’m sure I can not be alone here. I probably would feel different if we were both IT professionals and Robin also needed tethering. But for now – I’m happy.

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