Before There was Twitter and Facebook

Before Twitter there was Western Union

Before Twitter there was Western Union

I was scanning some more family photos and documents, and came across this Western Union “Storkgram”. For you young folks, a telegram was the Twitter of it’s day. I can not help but see how the technology has changed in my lifetime.  This telegram was sent to my Grandfather  from my father when I was born. Besides my father having to pay per word on this bit of communication that took hours to be delivered, I’m sure that Western Union was able to charge him an extra few cents to use the “Storkgram” paper instead of the standard message.

While we are at it, 50 years from now are people going to find printed Facebook and Twitter pages about their birth announcements? I just realized too that this is my father tweeting in 1958!

Twitter is now worth millions of dollars yet we do not pay for it as consumers. Think about this for a moment, how does Twitter make money?

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