ACME Recalls Jet Powered Roller Skates


The estate of Wile E. Coyote today won a legal victory over the ACME Company in the recall of thousands of “Jet Powered Roller Skates”. Mr. Coyote was killed last month when the emergency off switch for the skates broke off in his hands and collided with a car. Mr. Coyotes attorney, a Mr. Foghorn Leghorn was quoted as saying “The boy had no common sense.  However that’s is no excuse for selling such a, I say dangerous product.”

Key to the defense was the eye-witness account  of a Mr. Roadrunner. Who was quoted as saying “beep-beep”.

Mr. Leghorn has also shown interest in other ACME products , such as “Earthquake Pills” which he describes as another very dangerous product that needs to be looked at closely by FDA and FTC.

Here is the real story

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