What Not To Do to your OS X File Permissions

apple-logoSo last night over at Barb’s we find that four of us have out laptops opened. Including my niece Nat. I notice then that Nat’s hard drive on her Macbook Pro is fully shared and unprotected. Seems this was done by her BF in order to share some files. So I goto System Preferences to try and change things back to normal. The preference pane for file sharing would not let me do anything. So while I was looking up online why this would be on my laptop, Nat tried to fix it and somehow made the entire system read only.

That’s when things got really messed up. We could not launch anything on the system. Could not get to terminal, nothing. It was bad. It would not boot. So bad that we broke out the OS X Leopard install DVD and used disk utility to restore permissions. That failed. So then went into single user mode. That gave us the nice message that we had no access to root. Oh-oh.

I then tired using fcsk — no luck. The permissions were hosed.
So I am currently doing an install and archive without saving user and network settings to get things back to normal. I will be having a a little talk with the BF about the proper way to share files in OS X.

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