Keep Lunch Stealers from getting your Sandwich at work!

Moldy bag sure to deter evil sandwich stealers | Crave, the gadget blog – CNET

Jane made a delicious roast beef sandwich, put it in a bag clearly marked “Jane,” brought it to work, and placed it in the communal fridge. But at noon, as Jane went to the kitchen, her mouth salivating at the expectation of that horseradish and cheese, she was shocked to find the brown bag empty and her exquisite creation gone.

If only Jane had known about the Fake Mold Lunch Bags. Created by New York-based engineer and designer Sherwood Forlee, these bags are sure to gross out any lunch thief. Just place your delectable sandwich inside its clean yet deceptively filthy-looking plastic, and voila: the unstealable sandwich. Even the most stealthy lunch thief won’t be desperate enough to eat a moldy sandwich (we hope).

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