How to Break Out of Your House

Broken door knob

So this morning as I am leaving the house and try to use the door to the garage, it won’t turn. It must be locked. No. The lock is broken.So i try for a few minutes to get it to work. I try taking a steak knife to the bolt. Nope. Can not open the garage door, because the switch is on the other side of the door. The remotes are in the cars. Also in the garage, the tools I need to take the door knob off. So I search the house for tools. I find the screwdriver for taking the case apart on my PC and a pair of pliers in a kitchen drawer. Thank goodness for a the kitchen junk drawer. So I was able to take the knob off, but the bolt is stuck in the locked position and is too long to come out easily. So I have to start tearing it out with the pliers. Finally freedom! Not the way I wanted to start my day.

If you’re thinking, hey I could break into Jeff’s house. Nope. We were still able to set the alarm system on that door.

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