Jott now works with wordpress and twitter – Damn Skippy!

Those of you that know me, know that I use to “empty my head” in the traditional GTD manner. Well now I can use JOTT to post right to HAWS.NET, even Twitter and Jaiku! Now that’s cool! I am going to have to add the twitter badge back to the main page.

just look at the post below. I just called jott, said “haws net” and spoke the phrase “Guess what? Jott allows me to post directly to HAWS.NET over the phone.” and hung up. Moments later the post below appears on HAWS.NET.

The bad news is that with all this exciting stuff happening with JOTT, I wonder how much longer it will be free? I have been using it since Jan 2007 and find it indispensable.

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