30 Years…

Well last night was my 30th High School Reunion. What presbyopia eye opening and fun experience that was. It was good to see so many people, and sad at that I found that I could not remember so many names and faces. Some of the memories did not hit me until we got home. Word to Henry Z! Who turns out has been reading HAWS.NET. I think that makes 3 people now.

Then I ran into a face that looked familiar – not so much from high school as the building next door. Turns out that Scott Kennedy works for GHC as well and he’s oh the same campus, the building next door!

There was a mini-reunion of sorts, in the class of 1977 there were a handful of us that came from Holy Rosary Catholic School and go back as far as the 3rd grade. I am going to have to dig up my 3rd grade class photos of this group.

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