How Not to Start Your Bike to Work Day

Broken Headset So today is Bike to Work Day. As I was coming through Fort Dent Park there was a rider about 800 yards ahead of me. It was a pleasant spring morning, then I hear a C-R-A-C-K! My very first thought was a gunshot, I look around and I see the same cyclist on the ground not moving. Visions of Virgina Tech went through my mind as I hit the grass in a prone position and looked around. I noticed the rider moved slightly, got bike on my bike and raced over to help. Turns out the crack that I heard was his headset snapping at the stem. Imagine going 15-17mph and suddenly having the handle bard gone out from underneath you. He had gone head over heels on to the pavement. But not before the stem had poked him in his abdomen. No broken bones, no broken skin. He knew his name (Dave), and yes, he was wearing a helmet!
i was able to get Dave a ride to his work place with the help of Carol in my office.

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