Turkish Star Trek?!?

stts.jpgI have to thank my niece Katie for this one. She asked me if I had seen “Turkish Star Trek”. So a quick Google Search lead to this page. And you can see some clips of it on youtube.com. All I can say, well I can not say anything. I can only hang my head, shake it side to side and sigh. Then LMAO!

No for something really scary .. Turkish Star Wars!

Update: Did a little more digging and found this entry in Wikipedia, turns out that “Turkish Star Trek” is really one episode of a comedy series called “Ömer the Tourist”. So there is not an entire series of “Turkish Star Trek”. The guy in the hat is Ömer. Now it makes sense. Ömer has landed in the STTOS episode of The Mantrap. I love the scene where Ömer goes to shake Spock’s hand and then takes it away LOL!

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