Day 3…

It’s starting to feel more like Jericho than Gig Harbor Around here… Still no power. We cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer yesterday and packed what we could save in a pair of ice chests in the back yard. Since it’s cold outside, figured it would last longer there.

Barb and Gary called this morning, they have power! This gives us hope. However the damage to the lines in our area are extensive to say the least. We have not seen any crews working in our area. I will try and get some photos posted.

So Barb and Gary are going to return the favor.. so tonight we are having dinner over there.

Update: I just took a drive around the block and took some photos of the line damage around us. At least 3 snapped poles. No signs of a crew, which means at least a couple of more days of no power.

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