Auntie Em, Auntie Em

Well as anyone local already knows, last night was a record wind storm. We lost power at around 1:00AM this morning. The wind was howling constantly last night. It sound like the freight train that goes through the narrows on a regular basis.

The Narrows bridge was closed from 12:30 AM until 6:00 AM this morning, just as I was leaving the home for the office. Outside it looks like it snowed fur trees. Branches everywhere. Two of the three routes to HWY16 from home were blocked by down trees and power poles.

Read a report that power on the peninsula may be out for several days.

Have been in contact with the Vorous , the Hoviks and the Haws’s, grandma Kuzmanich and everyone is OK.  Natalie reports that a tree came down on their neighbors home, and that there cul de sac was blocked by a downed tree. Our patio table blew over and the glass top is in shards all over the patio. Otherwise a quick inspection of our house showed no major damage this morning.
We have gas, so we are good for heat and cooking.Our cell phones are working. So between the cell phone and the laptop we can get and post information. HAWS.NET is up and running. So glad I am trying out this whole “hosting service” thing so that I can blog this.

We hope that you are all safe!

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