So I was driving near the old Dilophosaurus Pens…

When I noticed something sticking up from the jungle floor.

So as you can see I finished my little Jeep project. Going to have to remove the inner ring of the barbasol can safe so I can actually fit the rest inside it. Other wise I have my smuggled dino DNA canister that looks like it’s been lost for a few years…

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A Little Project for the Jeep

I’m starting a little project for the jeep. The only hint besides the photo is this quote…

“Dodgson, we have Dodgson here!”

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Melton Ghost Town Hike

I haveplppppp. It’s full of old coal andp pplp LPpppp plop poppp towns that have long been abandoned.

I picked an easy one, Melton. Others have written about the history of Melton and the other abandoned towns in the area. So I won’t recycle that material.

A scramble down the east side of the Fairfax bridge and just a mile down a the trail along Carbon river.

Fun little hike trails in excellent condition, though a bit muddy this time of year.

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Why Have I Never Seen this Until Now? Tammy and the T-Rex

This was brought to my attention from a FB post… I can’t stop looking at it…

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Long Time

I have been ignoring HAWS.NET for almost 2 years now. It’s time to change that. So I will start posting more stuff. Like updating what’s going on with our lives.

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From the Heart

Update: So finally met with cardiologists. Not as bad as first indicated by scans.. going with treating with meds. Should be out of here today.

So on Friday Feb 16 I finally picked up the phone and called consulting nurse. I knew where this was going to go. I used the words “chest pain”. The words that always get you to the front of the line.

Like any “guy” I have been ignoring the symptoms for a while. For the last two weeks I have noticed a sharp pain when I start walking for a while or exerting myself. I was chalking it up to a respiratory problem. Maybe the beginning of a cold? Walking pneumonia? It got worse with time. I started to realize this was something else. During the day at work it was not noticeable.

So it was not long between checking into Urgent Care and being transferred to Tacoma General cardiac short stay ward. That’s a hopeful name huh? Short stay? I’ll be out of here in 24 hours, Right? Nope.

Today I took a stress test of my heart. Load me up with as isotope, take live images of my heart at rest. Get on a treadmill, work up a sweat and get my heart rate up. Go back and take images of the heart.

It’s now Sunday morning just past midnight. I have yet to see the cardiologist, so they can explain what they found. However we do know by the way the staff is acting and the fact they just gave me a blood thinner, that there is probably going to be a procedure tomorrow. What procedure? We don’t know for sure. With Robin’s inside knowledge we are pretty sure I have a blockage and getting a stent. We just have to wait

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Her Fight is Over

On the morning of Tuesday May 23 at 3:12AM my mother Margaret Ann Haws (Sixberry) passed. Jennifer and I are grieving and making arrangements.

Please visit moms page by clicking Margaret on the menu and leave a memory or story that you would like to share.

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Don’t Fall for this Scam

So we got this call about 6 times today on the answering machine. It’s obviously a scam. However the scope of this effort and the target, Apple … amazes me. Turns out that this scam could be a couple of months old. It’s new to me though. Unlike the Fortune story this was not a real person but a robo-call. Like any another scam they are just evolving.

Here is what appears on the caller ID

The phone number comes up as 408-606-5775. That’s the real phone number for the Cupertino store next to Apple Headquarters.

The audio gives out a different number. That of course takes you to someone who just wants to get your credit card or AppleID + password.

Do you think the people that came up with Siri would use that voice? Why wouldn’t the scammers just use Siri to record the message to add a bit more credibility to their call.

Most people I know would not fall for this, however we all know someone who is susceptible to this kind of scam. So spread the word and educate.

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The New Google Earth

I love Google Earth.  As of late it’s been harder and harder to take my existing adventures and plug them into google maps. We now we know why, the new google earth debuted this week. I’m still exploring and playing with it. However there is something kind of cool in the new Google Earth. My Jeep. My trip to the Moab area back in 2014 was a bucket list trip for me. I really need to sit down one day and write about it.

While I was there I had a day to myself where I explored. On that day I came across and interesting rock formation between Dead Horse State Park and Canyonland National Park. I later learned that this was Beehive Butte. I took some of those photos and added them to the old Google Earth. You could find them, but you had to turn of the photo layer and know what you were looking for. My photo of Beehive was the only one on Google Earth.

Well now if you look up Beehive Butte on the new Google Earth – guess what is in the upper right corner of the display as the featured photo of point of interest? One guess… Yeah, that’s right. My Jeep.


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New Mobile Radio The Kenwood TD710

So I finally got around to installing the D710 into the Jeep last Sunday. It’s a sloppy job right now, lots of wire loose in the cab. I’m going to clean it up this weekend. In the mean time I have APRS and 65W of mobile power. I have not been on the air much lately… so if you see me roaming around in APRS – go ahead and give me a quick QSO.

Here is a hint about trying to learn the operations of this radio – the printed manual included in the box has some very basic info in in it. However there ewer ego many question I could not answer – tunes out the CD that is included has all the “missing” manuals you’re looking for.

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