Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Driver in It | WIRED

I was driving 70 mph on the edge of downtown St. Louis when the exploit began to take hold.

Source: Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It | WIRED

I’m already getting emails and facebook post about this story.

The above story just scares the &^%%$# out of me. Not to worry, my Jeep is safe from this sort of attack. I do not have an internet enabled uConnect unit. That was by choice. Security was one reason, however it was way down the list. We all knew this day was coming – right?

The main reason I did not get a full on uConnect system for my Jeep was all these functions are on my phone already.  I have a way to maintain them and update them, and if I change platforms my Jeep does not care. The uConnect system and others like MS Sync – all fail to live up to their hype for a lot of reasons.

For me one example was going off-road. If I want up to update maps on my uConnect navigation – I need to pay a large fee for a DVD to update. Will the maps be supported in say – 10 years? On the other hand I can use Gaia GPS on my iPhone and download recent maps off-line and use my phone to track, and even export my trip to be used on Google Earth. Try and export your tracks from your cars navigation system – not easy huh?

I do not have to worry about my Jeep being hacked. I just have worry about my phone being hacked – but then who does not worry about that?

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There is Smoke in the Bedroom

UnknownThis is one of those times that being an early adopter comes back and bites you.

So this just happened… Nest Protect (smoke alarm) went off in the bedroom. Whole house starts telling me that there is “smoke in the bedroom”. Ran upstairs. No smoke, no emergency. So go to hush the alarm and the unit tells me “this alarm cannot be hushed”. I try to use the iPhone App to silence it – tells me that I have to push the button on the unit. WTH?? I have to grab a step stool, remove the unit and disconnect the power, of course it has battery back up. So then I have to find a screw driver to open the case and remove the batteries. The entire time I am hearing “beep beep beep There is smoke in the bedroom”. Silence at last. Did some reading and this seems to be an issue with Nest these days.

The good news? It did not happen at 2AM. The better news? Nest is sending me new unit for free.

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Robin on the Big Screen with Leonard Maltin!

Months ago Robin went to the Grand Cinema in Tacoma to see a movie with her sister and her niece. They were interviewing patrons in the lobby and talked to Natalie with Robin and her sister in the background.

We just got a call from Robins mother, there are showing the ad for the grand – that includes the interview. A quick search shows this same video on their YouTube channel. So here is Robin, her sister, and her niece with an introduction from Leonard Matlin.

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NYSE Explains Why It Went Down Wednesday | TIME

This article points out a couple of things to me. 1) The scope of Change Management at the NYSE has to be astoundingly huge. 2) A single failed change can cost you a lot in reputation and money.

Either way it sounds like there was a failure in their processes. Because it’s so visible, the next story we are going see is who looses their job over it.

However I still wonder about the story of Anonymous cryptic tweet the day before this failure. Could this be all smoke an mirrors to avoid telling the world they had a breach? I’m not much into conspiracies, however that tweet was rather prophetic.

Source: NYSE Explains Why It Went Down Wednesday | TIME

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Get Ready for Season Two of Natalie

IMG_7733They are currently filming season two of Rugged Justice which stars our favorite niece Natalie!

WASHINGTON — Local game wardens will be meting out more “Rugged Justice.”On July 6, Deputy Chief Mike Cenci said the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has signed on for a second, 10-episode season of the Animal Planet reality show about WDFW enforcement officers.

Source: Local WDFW officers get 2nd season on national TV – Local News – Chinook Observe

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Thank You Anonymous Admirer

IMG_8039 I know there are some people who roll their eyes when they see my Jeep. They are the minority though. Most people smile, point , laugh, and take photos. Lot’s of photos. If you ever see my Jeep on any of your social media feeds – be sure to let me know and drop me a line.

Today I was walking in Sehmel Park with my niece Kate. On our way back home I looked in the rear view mirror and noticed someone had left a message in the dust on the rear window for me. A simple “Love your Jeep ッ”. IMG_8042

So anonymous admirer I just want to say thank you, you brought a smile to both our faces today and I will not wash my jeep for at least another week just to preserve your message.

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They are Living a Dream- Possibly Mine

_DSC2944I love the idea of over-landing, and last week during field day was really the first time I have done true dispersal camping in the Jeep. Other times it’s always some sort of campground  where there is a least a parking spot and water nearby. I really want to do more true over-landing style of camping.

Yesterday I went to the annual Wings and Wheels event at the Tacoma Narrows Airport. This annual event has been going on for about five years now. I always miss it because we are usually out of town. Not this time as we were home this Independence Day weekend , and since the airport is a 12 minute walk from our house, it was an easy choice to visit.

_DSC2945Lot’s of planes and an air show. Also a lot of classic cars. This is where I meet Graeme Bell and his family.  There were at the show promoting their over-land trip that included circumnavigating South America, and in the process visiting every county on that continent.

_DSC2946Graeme and his family where there with there “landy” a modified Land Rover Defender 130. The four of them have been traveling in this beast for three years. As you can see form the photos they have it packed to the gills with all of their needs. After South America, they are now continuing their adventure by making their way to Alaska. You can follow them on   social media. The best place to start is their website, a2aexpedition.com.

I had a great conversation with Graeme and his wife Luisa, bought their book “WE WILL BE FREE“, one of the ways they are funding this adventure. I’m looking forward to reading it.


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Planning Ahead

Those of you that know me, know that I love my eggnog in July. For years now every New Years I squirrel away a quart or more of eggnog and place it in the freezer. I usually break it out during the Fourth of July. Sometimes on June 25th,  midway between last Christmas and the next. Also known as Leon Day (that’s Noel spelled backwards).

Robin and I love this tradition. There’s nothing like having eggnog french toast and eggnog lattes on the July Fourth weekend.

IMG_8850.JPGThis year we have had temperatures in the 90’s so to help cool down the family room 1/8 of a degree or so, I placed the eggnog in front of the fan.

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When your Refrigerator Needs a New IP Address

So you thought that the water drought we are having was bad. This article points out that the supply and demand for IPV4 addresses are reaching critical levels. They have been for a while, and yet IPV6 (around since 1998) which gives US something like 340 Trillion, Trillion, Trillion, yes that a Trillion X 3, new addresses is not being adopted quick enough. It’s coming down to crunch time in the next couple of years

With the burst of needed addresses coming with  the “internet of things” this is only going to get worse. This article is only the first of many you’re going to see on the subject. Trust me on that. I’m going to be curious what metaphor the nightly news is going to use to explain this to our parents.

Hopefully we will move to IPV6 soon. If not, I’m going to have to use the phrase in the not too distant future: “I’m still waiting for a new IP address for my kayak, AT&T says it may be another couple of weeks”


Businesses wanting to get their own IPv4 addresses are going to have a hard time: ARIN has run out of large blocks.

Source: IPv4 blocks have dried up, now there’s a waiting list


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My First Field Day

My Station. Thank goodness we brought our own shade.

Thank goodness we brought our own shade.

So Chris (N7CPM) and I both did our first Field Day together. It was fantastic. We setup camp not far from the area we planned, because it was perfect. We ended up on Cle Elum Point. A rocky cliff 4,000 feet about Cle Elum and I-90. Of course it was a place only the Jeep could go. Since we were dispersal camping we had to load everything including water for the three days we were there. So it combined two things I love, over-landing and Amateur Radio.

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