John Krivacic in Memoria

JohnUpdate: The John Krivacic DVD is ready. It includes video of the Seattle service and photos of John. If you are interested in a copy. Send me your postal address and I’ll mail you a copy. Do you work at GHC? Then send me your mail stop instead. Send your email to

John Fitzgerald Krivacic Was born December 3, 1963 in Frankfurt, Germany to John and Emmy Krivacic and passed away unexpectedly on February 17, 2007 in Renton at age 43.Update: For those of you who could not attend the memorial you can listen to the MP3 audio recording:MP3 Audio version of John’s MemorialThis is just a little spot on the web for us all to talk about John, how much we miss him and commiserate over the loss of a good friend.So start a conversation… or just say good bye.Comments are moderated and may take a hour or more before they appear.Links to other memorial pages for and (good through Mar 27 2007)If you know of others please email them to me.We are collecting photos of John and friends for his service on the 12th. If you have any digital photos we are asking if you can send them our way. We are going to use them for a collage and a DVD.I have taken all the photos we have collected and scanned and placed them on the Photo Page.Sat 3/10 — New Photos added. Thanks Pat L. Sun 3/11 — More photos added. Thanks Betty P. There are now two sets of photos, the first one, that has all the photos of John we have collected. The second is photos of his friends getting together in these last few weeks to celebrate his life.You’ll find both sets on the photo page.3/14 – two great new photos from Caroline H.

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