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JohnUpdate: The John Krivacic DVD is ready. It includes video of the Seattle service and photos of John. If you are interested in a copy. Send me your postal address and I’ll mail you a copy. Do you work at GHC? Then send me your mail stop instead. Send your email to

John Fitzgerald Krivacic Was born December 3, 1963 in Frankfurt, Germany to John and Emmy Krivacic and passed away unexpectedly on February 17, 2007 in Renton at age 43.Update: For those of you who could not attend the memorial you can listen to the MP3 audio recording:MP3 Audio version of John’s MemorialThis is just a little spot on the web for us all to talk about John, how much we miss him and commiserate over the loss of a good friend.So start a conversation… or just say good bye.Comments are moderated and may take a hour or more before they appear.Links to other memorial pages for and (good through Mar 27 2007)If you know of others please email them to me.We are collecting photos of John and friends for his service on the 12th. If you have any digital photos we are asking if you can send them our way. We are going to use them for a collage and a DVD.I have taken all the photos we have collected and scanned and placed them on the Photo Page.Sat 3/10 — New Photos added. Thanks Pat L. Sun 3/11 — More photos added. Thanks Betty P. There are now two sets of photos, the first one, that has all the photos of John we have collected. The second is photos of his friends getting together in these last few weeks to celebrate his life.You’ll find both sets on the photo page.3/14 – two great new photos from Caroline H.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Ok So I’ll start.

    I have known John for his entire career at Group Health.  I trained him at his first job here at GHC in the Help Desk. John was a great co-worker, a good friend. Just to give you an idea of how long Robin and I have known him.. before Robin and I were married, we even double dated with John and his girlfriend .. yeah you heard me. He was at my wedding.For years he worked just on the other side of the wall from me. I can still hear his booming baritone voice coming through the wall. I watched his career grow, and I watch him become the person he needed to be. Even though he was at SBUX for only a few months, I will never be able to look at the SBUX logo without thinking of him. Every time I see a ouija board (long story) I will think of him.
    I cannot help but think how embarrassed John would be that two of Washington States largest employers Group Health and Starbucks were joining together to say goodbye to him.

    We’ll miss you John.


  2. First impressions.

    You know what they say about first impressions, how they somehow just stick. When John’s group became our neighbors in the HelpDesk, his signature booming baritone was my introduction to John: warm, deep, sincere, vibrant…

    That just about sums up John, too. He made the earth a better place. His spirit made footprints on my heart forever.

    Now he’s making Heaven a better place…and we are all feeling the giant John-shaped hole in our lives now that he’s not here.

    I miss you, John. You touched my life and made it better forever.

    Mary Ellen from Group Health

  3. Mitch says:

    I first met John because Justine was trying to decide whether to date him or me. As I got to know him better, I told him how great a compliment that was to me.
    John was an awesome friend. He touched everyone he came in contact with (literally 🙂 He would laugh at that!!!
    Everyone, please enter your comments. John deserves it.


  4. Justine Vick says:

    Yes, its true, after numerous bad relationships, I had given up on men until I met John Krivacic. How was I to know, given that sexy male voice, beautiful smile, and obvious way with women! Maybe being dropped on the kitchen floor at Carla’s during a salsa move gone bad, should have clued me in! I blush recalling the times I flirted with him in front of his S.O.

    I am sure I am not the only female at Group Health that had a crush on John! He was a wonderful, warm person always up for a laugh and bit of fun. He had a positive outlook and approach on life, and to reiterate the obvious, will be missed by everyone who met him and a true loss by those who will never have the opportunity.


  5. Jeff says:

    Nancy just forwarded this link to me. Another place to leave comments if you want. Choose which even one you want. Of course since you are already here…..

  6. Kate Young says:

    Wow! I can’t hardly believe it’s true. Even though I’ve been away from GHC for almost a year and a half now, I too can still hear John’s wonderful voice and see his smile.
    I will also never forget his Ernie-from-Sesame-Street laugh…That little snicker he made tongue (kind of like Daffy Duck too) That just cracks me up.

    I’m so glad people are sharing some pictures of John, even from long ago…My oh my he was a looker. Like Justine said, I’m sure he had his fair share of flirting from both sides of the fence.

    This was actually the second death in two weeks for me. A teacher at Seattle Central Community College, where I have been going to school, died just 2 weeks before John of a massive heart attack at age 51.

    These precious lives are being snuffed out way too soon.

    I can’t believe IGUANA has been going on for such a long time. I think it is a great outlet (even though I rarely go) and it has also done some wonderful things to raise money for different reasons. I look forward to meeting with the crew on March 9th (at least that’s the last I heard) to raise a glass to John and his jolly nature and remember him and swap stories with the rest of you.

    Kate Young (dag nab it he was younger than me!!!)

  7. Kim (Hoffman) Pollock says:

    Thinking of you John… your smile, your voice, your laugh, your kindness, your caring way… makes me smile, makes me cry. After all these years, I can still hear your voice. Thanking you John… for the good laughs and the great memories while working with you at GH. You touched so many lives during your short stay here and I’m very grateful that one of those was mine. God Bless you John.

    Kim (Hoffman) Pollock

  8. Sandi says:

    “Oh My God”… as JK would say! He would be so happy & amazed to know how much everyone has come together during this sad time! I am finally able to smile whenever I think of him now. He had a heart of “Gold” and was always so considerate of other peoples fealings. He touched my heart and I am so grateful that I was able to share in his life! This all hardly seems real, but he will live in my memories forever. You were a awsome friend and I will miss you dearly.


  9. Bernice Maslan says:

    I met John when I started at Group Health in 1991 and watched him progress in his field. He was invariably helpful and had a nice way about him. I always enjoyed working with him and missed him when he moved to the ROC. I was sad when he was laid off and am shocked and saddened again at his passing.

  10. Jenni says:

    I’ll give this a try. It’s funny, but I thought I was at a point where I wouldn’t cry anymore…nope! Had another “episode” this morning. I can’t believe he’s gone.

    I too have known John for the majority of my almost 18 year career here at GHC. We’d grown closer over the last few years though, and I found myself eager to attend any event when I heard John would be there. I loved his laugh, his voice and his hugs.

    He was encouraging to everyone he met and loving and loyal to his friends and family. He could relate to anyone on any level and seemed to connect with everyone to the point where you felt your connection was special and unique….like no one elses. Come to find out, he had that connection with everyone. :o)

    Some of my favorite memories with John were body surfing the waves on Waikiki at midnight….riding the hang glider ride at the Puyallup fair that made us sick to out stomachs (too old I guess)…singing Karoake duets (Grease)….forcing a shot down my throat because he wanted me to (I’m not very good at shots)…and so many more.

    I will miss John forever and will always remember him and his loving spirit.

    Farewell my friend! I had no idea I loved you this much until you were gone….


  11. Jenni says:

    I almost forgot….Hi Kim and Kate!


  12. Jolene says:

    This past weekend some of us got together and put the memory board together. Going through the old pictures brought back so many memories (some that I had even forgotten)! Thank god we have the pictures to look back on and remember. I first met John in 1996 and we became neighbors at a small apartment complex in Renton. We sure had some good times at that place. He was a good friend and I’ll miss him very much. We love you Johnny!

  13. Jayson says:

    We are all lucky to have had the time we shared with John’s life.
    He made us all smile, laugh and feel a little better about the world at times.
    He always took the time to listen, and offer insight when you ask him for advice.
    What a voice – will ring in my ears forever. 😉

  14. Lisa says:

    I have known John for at least 18 years. My fondest memories are the times we shared years ago. We used to go to Azteca by South Center Mall with a group of people after work to celebrate whatever the occassion may have been. We sang group Karaokee. Boy, were we bad! We tried lots of different drinks and had lots of good laughs. I find myself lucky that I actually went on a few dates with John. Yep, you read it right. We had so much in common. Our birthdays were just days apart. Occaisionally through the last couple of years, we would go out to lunch to catch up on things. We joked about how things would have been if we got together. Then, we’d laugh and realize how bored we would be because of how much we had in common. He was so much fun to hang out with and joke around with. I really will miss his warmth, his laugh and his kindness. I’m glad you were part of my life, John and I will miss you greatly.


  15. Chrissi says:

    I knew a much thinner and less balding Johnny, many many years ago! We were 10 years old, and were neighbors in Munich. We were best buddies, played everyday, took piano lessons together, walked to and from school together, and even stole a kiss behind the tree (on a dare!). Our families were very dear friends, and spent several skiing vacations together, Johnny and I skiing hand in hand, enduring the relentless teasing from our older siblings! After moving back to Dallas, we kept in touch, and even ended up at UT together. He got me a job waiting tables at Lone Star Cafe!

    Unfortunately we lost touch after college, but he was always on my mind. Our “song” was “My Eyes Adored You”, because I was in 5th grade and he was in 6th when we met (“she was 5th grade, I was 6th……..”)! I have never forgotten that!

    Johnny was an exremely compassionate, loving, and kind person. Always a smile on his face. I am very sad for his family and friends, I know he will be missed terribly. I often thought about getting back in touch with him, but sadly never did. I am thankful I have such wonderful memories of our lives together as children.

  16. Jean Spohn says:

    Good memories of John are abundant – I just cannot remember a time when John was grumpy or negative. He always brought energy and cheer to a gathering, whether it be a meeting at Group Health to discuss ‘serious business’ or an after work Iguana gathering.
    When I first met John he was the only person setting up permissions for staff who needed to view or edit data on our big, shared computers. He took this responsibility, the protection of corporate data, very seriously, but at the same time supported staff in their need to ‘get the job done’. So he was super busy all of the time. After John became a manager, I worked with him to design an application his team would use, the Person Database. He was most interested tools that would be ‘user friendly’ as well as functional and expressed such concern for those he worked with.
    I feel blessed that I got to work and play with such a unique and special person as John. His spirit influenced for the good the lives of all those that he knew and this good will continue to make his life meaningful even after its passing.

  17. Chris Deiner-Karr says:

    What can I say that others have not already said about John? His positive attitude, gentle nature, booming voice and his smile always greeted you no matter his mood. He was a special friend who taught me to enjoy life more, even helping me to find the right wines for my taste buds. Which definitely needed help! He loved to party with his friends.
    I remember way back when we were a lot younger a bunch of us would party at Carla’s place at least once a month or going to the Astoria Seafood and Wine festival for a weekend of rebel rousing.. Boy, those are times to be remembered. When John left GHC the hurt and loss was felt by many, especially me. Knowing now that I will never see John again hurts deeply. This is a loss is that incomparable to any other. I will never forget what John brought to my life. He will be genuinely missed.

  18. Carla Fleming says:

    I have wonderful memories of John. He was always a joy to be around, and was a kind and generous friend. He used to volunteer to help me with home repairs in the event that someday he would have his own place and he could practice on mine. We always had so much fun, except maybe the time my wiring was messed up and he got a little shock. No, we even laughed heartily then. I will always cherish his friendship.
    This reminds me now, that I need to work harder at keeping in touch with friends. I see that many of them have posted a note here, and I miss and love you all.


  19. Amy says:

    John and I worked together for AAFES back in 1987 and 1988 in California and became close friends. While doing a google search of him I came across this website. I am shocked and very sad to see what has happened to him. I will never forget the great times we shared in Sacramento so many many years ago…..

  20. Pat Reffner says:

    JKRI in the GHC vernacular or just Krivacic MAN in the AAFES world – wonderful memories.
    I am stunned, without words when finding out only today that he had passed. So many questions though cannot formulate a sentence right now.. God bless John.. you are definitley missed and loved..

  21. Dino Natalizio says:

    I miss you… BBQ chicken

  22. Dino Natalizio says:

    Your still in my heart. Thanks for the memories.

  23. Pat says:

    Just yesterday re-kindled a bit of memory lane when I found out a long time co-worker too worked for GHC and under John’s management. JKRI you are not forgotten my friend we shared that epidemic of a laugh you had, the wit and counts of both my self and Matt being shown passion for life. Aup ! there was that laugh elevating from the heavens..!


  24. Cindy Shaw says:

    I just found out this week that John had passed away in 2007 at just 43 years old.
    I was so stunned and sad that I just cried and then went numb from shock and disbelief.
    I then went to get my photo albums, I was the girl that always carried a camera in my
    purse. I had forgotten how much of my life that John was a part of. I am sure that I
    must have the most pictures of him at the time when we were just young and full of life.
    I have a whole story for every picture I took of what we were doing and if I can’t recall
    I was smart enough to have writen on the backs of the pictures the date and place.
    When I looked at all the pictures and could remember all those crazy things we did I
    was laughing remembering how much fun we all had. There is not a single picture of
    him not smiling and haveing a good time. I knew him from the time he moved to Duncanville until the fall of 1984. If you would like pictures of him as a young kid in
    highschool and college email me and I will be happy to share them. I would also hope
    to know if he had someone special in his life and did not just live alone with his cat to
    keep him company. He was too special and funny to have spent his life alone.
    My name is Cindy Shaw. I could tell you loved him from what I could read and hope
    He loved you just the same. That’s my greatest comfort that he found someone to love.
    Email me if you are interested in knowing the young guy I knew. Love to you, Cindy.

  25. Dino says:

    Still miss you. BBQ Chicken

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