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Robin on the Big Screen with Leonard Maltin!

Months ago Robin went to the Grand Cinema in Tacoma to see a movie with her sister and her niece. They were interviewing patrons in the lobby and talked to Natalie with Robin and her sister in the background. We … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mr. Turning

So you remember that movie last Christmas The Imitation Game? The movie that stars Benedict Cumberbatch showing Alan Turning‘s role as the father computer science. Well today is his birthday. Spend this day in wonder as you read this blog post and … Continue reading

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Did I Just Hear GLaDOS in the Aurora Trailer?

Checking out trailers on Apple TV today and found a movie called Aurora. Looks to be a post apocalyptic the robots won kind of movie. So near 2:07 in this trailer is a very familiar voice. Fans of the game Portal … Continue reading

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The Red Blinky Thing!

I remember back in the 80’s when I started to noticed what I called the “Red Blinky Thing”. I use to even keep a list of what movies I saw it in. I abandoned the list long ago, because it was … Continue reading

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How many disaster films start like this?

Hundreds reportedly injured by blasts as meteor falls in Russia | Fox News.

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Another Example of Science Fiction Becoming Science Fact…

So a couple of years ago the mind control toys started hitting the market. You know which ones I mean. The one that use an EEG sensor and allow you to control the motion or path of a ball with … Continue reading

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People Food

My crackers arrived today. They are pure awesomeness.

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ThinkGeek :: Soylent Green Crackers

  ThinkGeek :: Soylent Green Crackers. At first I thought, that $8.99 was expensive, however imagine keeping the box around afterwords, refilled with you own Ritz crackers…

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What’s More Dangerous than Nazi Zombies? Space Nazis!!

Thanks to my brother in-law David for emailing this gem. Check out the new movie “Iron Sky”. I won’t spoil it other than to say “Space Nazis”. Yes, it’s a genre. What makes this project interesting is there method of … Continue reading

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