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You Mac Does not Need Steam Cleaning…

Harwell, 20, was perhaps as clever as he was creepy in carrying out his alleged crimes. Police said he installed software on his alleged female victims Macs that would send error pop-ups that instructed them to “fix their internal sensor … Continue reading

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Do You Use the Same Password for Multiple Services? Is one of them PSN?

Sony admits utter PSN failure: your personal data has been stolen. This is bad news.  According to this  article they have lost control of: Your name Your address (city, state, and zip) Country E-mail address Birthday PSN password and login … Continue reading

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Next Time Try Tunneling with ssh

The Greeneville Sun – News Story. Someone said you could steal games by tunneling with ssh … they should have explained it to Steve Archer a bit more accurately.

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Playstation “Now” Does Everything!

Well that took longer than I thought it would. I’m guessing that this comes back to Sony taking away the ability to install your own OS on the PS3 last year. BBC News – iPhone hacker publishes secret Sony PlayStation … Continue reading

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Free MP3 music file downloads now available via Seattle Public Library – My Green Lake | Seattles Green Lake Blog

If you ever need proof that we won the DRM Music wars. Here it is. The Seattle Library will allow card holders to download upto 3 MP3’s a week. DRM free. We should start referring to them as MPFrees! Free … Continue reading

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You Bought that Embarrassing Item with Cash, Would you be interested in these items too?

So, this is interesting. Reading between the lines this makes it possible to have the equal of RFID on bank notes. So on top of all the other data I leave in my digital wake now my cash can be … Continue reading

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SPD Blotter » Burglar got stuck in window

Haha!! On 12/9/09, at approx. 5:41 p.m., the complainant was working in her office in the 2300 block of  S. Massachusetts St., when she heard a window breaking in the room next to her office. The complainant called 911.  Officers arrived and found the … Continue reading

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How Robber Barons hijacked the “Victorian Internet”

Good article about how history repeats itself. How Robber Barons hijacked the “Victorian Internet”.

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Oh please tell me this is not true!!

So I just ran the sound for a 20th Century Fox Corporate meeting. They were discussing what it would take to buy a senator to make netflix and movie streaming illegal. WTF. Comments? : Oh I hope this is … Continue reading

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If You Have Installed ssh on your iphone – Change the &^%$ Password

Security firm Intego reports that it has spotted new malware, termed iPhone/Privacy.A, that is capable of allowing hackers to access personal information stored on certain jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches. Non-jailbroken iPhones are not vulnerable to the malware. via New … Continue reading

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