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I got my Tech license in June of 2014, in June of 2015 I upgraded to General.

I have my General License KG7MPF/AG

As of 8PM tonight I  passed my FCC exam and upgraded my license to General Class. So Field Day in just under two weeks is going be AWESOME this year. Right now I’m in the back yard trying to setup … Continue reading

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The Best of Both Worlds

This year will be my first Field Day since getting my Amateur License last year. My neighbor Chris (KG7NFF) over at HARBORHAM.COM and I will be doing field day somewhere in the middle of the Wenatchee National Forrest. We will be taking … Continue reading

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Exploring APRS

APRS is a digital packet radio system for amateur radio. I have been wanting to play around with it. It  requires a Terminal Node Controller (TNC) and radio to transmit. I have a radio, and I have an iPhone with a GPS. So … Continue reading

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Protection for my KX3

This gallery contains 8 photos.

I did not bring my KX3 on my last hike up to Camp Handy because I do worry about how to protect it when hiking. Well I discovered the Side KX for my radio. A simple indigenous way to protect … Continue reading

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Signing up for a General Class

I found a General License class in Gig Harbor that, if I pass, I will have my general in time of Field Day. I will finally be able to use the power of the KX3 to it’s full advantage. If you … Continue reading

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Harbor HAM

My neighbor and fellow HAM KG7NFF has started a his own HAM radio blog. Be sure to visit Harbor HAM. I love the logo!

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Random Wire

I tried making a slingshot/fishing reel combo mounted on a board so  could launch a fishing line up into one of the trees in the back yard. As it turns out I went too cheap on the fishing reel, a … Continue reading

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Mounting my KX3 in the Jeep

So while looking at ways to mount the KX3 into the Jeep I found a Daystar mount for cellphones and GPS’s. Not the answer for my KX3, however the instructions for that mount lead to the discovery of a small … Continue reading

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Tahuya State Forrest HAM and Jeep

So for FYBO (Freeze Your Buns Off) radio event, my neighbor Chris (KG7MPF) and I went to Tahuya State forrest and took the Jeep to Mud Lake, where we set up his buddy pole. I’ll let him tell you about … Continue reading

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My First Dx – From Hawaii

So while sitting on a beach on the north shore of Kauai with my KX3 and center feed dipole antenna strung in the trees – I made a QSO in Arizona. So I was sitting there for the longest time calling … Continue reading

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