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Added a Rear Tire Carrier Basket

So I added a rear tire carrier basket to the Jeep. I think it’s sitting too high because it wobbles a bit too much when it has a load. Strapping the basket to the roof rack really helps. I am … Continue reading

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The Park is Open

You may not realize this, however during the winter season when highway 410 is closed – “the park is open”. Which means you can strap on your snow shoes and make your way up highway 410. We recently went on … Continue reading

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If You are Using Trend Micro – Stop and Change your Passwords 

Trend Micro has patched the recently discovered Password Manager flaw that enabled hackers to steal users’ passwords, but it faces long-term damage to its reputation. Source: Password Manager flaw will hurt Trend Micro’s reputation

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So when Robin suddenly started getting prompted to enter her Apple ID password on her phone,and her password was not working, my first thought was there was a problem at Apple. They just re-did the Apple ID page on Friday. … Continue reading

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Why SBS’ ’60s Hitler comedy Danger 5 is awesome

So last winter while I was unemployed and could not sleep one night, I discovered Danger 5. It’s stupid, hilarious, and I could not get enough of it. If you need more convincing – read this article from movieplot. Then … Continue reading

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Welcome Benjamin Thomas Bankston

On October 28 at 4:23 AM the first member of a new generation of the Vorous family arrived. Benjamin Thomas Bankston. Nichelle (mom) is doing fine. Everyone is excited and I look forward to watching my first great-nephew grow up!

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Robin Killed Smoke + Cedar

So the TNT ran an article today that the Smoke + Cedar is closing. I’m blaming Robin and her devastating Yelp Review. After a year and a half, it’s still the most “helpful” review, and it’s not the most flattering. … Continue reading

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The Hike I Cannot Tell You About

So we went on a hike on the Washington Coast last weekend and it was amazing. After a 3 hour drive and 2 mile gentle hike, we found ourselves on the Washington coast… and I cannot tell you how to … Continue reading

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More Power!

So my 100W linear amplifier arrived today. Made by Elecraft, the same people who made my KX3 radio. Going to use if for Salmon Run this weekend. Chris (N7CPM) and I have a strategy for Salmon Run. Find the county with … Continue reading

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The Worst-Designed Thing You’ve Never Noticed

Robin and were having a relaxed Sunday morning and we started watching a TED Talk on the TV. It was about design and flags. It was a great 18 minute presentation. When the presenter Roman Mars started talking about City Flags, … Continue reading

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