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The New Google Earth

I love Google Earth.  As of late it’s been harder and harder to take my existing adventures and plug them into google maps. We now we know why, the new google earth debuted this week. I’m still exploring and playing … Continue reading

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New Mobile Radio The Kenwood TD710

So I finally got around to installing the D710 into the Jeep last Sunday. It’s a sloppy job right now, lots of wire loose in the cab. I’m going to clean it up this weekend. In the mean time I have … Continue reading

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The Wedding

The day is finally here.  Here  is a 360° photo

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Why I’m Late to Work this Morning

So you know how it is, your on your way to work, you have Waze running and your thinking that you will get to the train station in plenty of time.  That is until you see the flashing lights in … Continue reading

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An “Easter Egg” for the Jeep

The other night when we had dinner at The Table in Tacoma. We could see the Jeep from where we sat and a couple of guys walking by were gawking at the Jeep and taking photos. One noticed the barbasol can, … Continue reading

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Buddiepole First Field Test

So I was in the Wenatchee National Forest recently, see “It All Started with a Photo on Facebook“. I brought my KX3 and the new Buddie Pole. We drove up to the top of Red Mountain where the rest of our party … Continue reading

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It All Started with a Photo on Facebook

So for the last few months I have been looking forward to this seasons opening camping trip. Dispersal camping in the Wenatchee NF just north of Liberty, WA. Then a few weeks ago I noticed a photo of a Jeep … Continue reading

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Added a Rear Tire Carrier Basket

So I added a rear tire carrier basket to the Jeep. I think it’s sitting too high because it wobbles a bit too much when it has a load. Strapping the basket to the roof rack really helps. I am … Continue reading

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So after hemming and hawing.. I finally bought a Buddipole antenna. It’s going to be nice to throw in the back of  the Jeep and make some HF contacts during the camping this summer. As mush fun as it can to … Continue reading

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The Park is Open

You may not realize this, however during the winter season when highway 410 is closed – “the park is open”. Which means you can strap on your snow shoes and make your way up highway 410. We recently went on … Continue reading

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