The New Google Earth

I love Google Earth.  As of late it’s been harder and harder to take my existing adventures and plug them into google maps. We now we know why, the new google earth debuted this week. I’m still exploring and playing with it. However there is something kind of cool in the new Google Earth. My Jeep. My trip to the Moab area back in 2014 was a bucket list trip for me. I really need to sit down one day and write about it.

While I was there I had a day to myself where I explored. On that day I came across and interesting rock formation between Dead Horse State Park and Canyonland National Park. I later learned that this was Beehive Butte. I took some of those photos and added them to the old Google Earth. You could find them, but you had to turn of the photo layer and know what you were looking for. My photo of Beehive was the only one on Google Earth.

Well now if you look up Beehive Butte on the new Google Earth – guess what is in the upper right corner of the display as the featured photo of point of interest? One guess… Yeah, that’s right. My Jeep.


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