The Park is Open

You may not realize this, however during the winter season when highway 410 is closed – “the park is open”. Which means you can strap on your snow shoes and make your way up highway 410.

We recently went on a 4 mile round trip hike where we followed Highway 410 until we came to where it meets the White River. A few downed trees, but nothing impassable. We saw recent elk tracks as too. We had lunch near the river and drank our cocoa made with melted snow – or “snow-co”.

Afterwords we went up to Crystal Mountain Ski resort with plans to ride the Gondola to the summit. However the woman manning the ticket both warned us away as the visibility was extremely low, and the gondola was delayed because of the winds. So we decided to try the lodge for lunch, which was extremely busy. Just as we were deciding to leave I hear “Jeff?”. It was old friends Tom and Terra Ahlborn were sitting at a table right next the waiting area. We opted for gong to Charlie’s’ Cafe in Enumclaw – which as it turned out closed at 2 PM that day. So we ended up going to The Butter Biscuit. It was a great day with some great friends.


More information and directions on this hike here.



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