There is Smoke in the Bedroom

UnknownThis is one of those times that being an early adopter comes back and bites you.

So this just happened… Nest Protect (smoke alarm) went off in the bedroom. Whole house starts telling me that there is “smoke in the bedroom”. Ran upstairs. No smoke, no emergency. So go to hush the alarm and the unit tells me “this alarm cannot be hushed”. I try to use the iPhone App to silence it – tells me that I have to push the button on the unit. WTH?? I have to grab a step stool, remove the unit and disconnect the power, of course it has battery back up. So then I have to find a screw driver to open the case and remove the batteries. The entire time I am hearing “beep beep beep There is smoke in the bedroom”. Silence at last. Did some reading and this seems to be an issue with Nest these days.

The good news? It did not happen at 2AM. The better news? Nest is sending me new unit for free.

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