I just Sent an Email to Robin in the Most Spectacular Way – and she Couldn’t Care Less ಠ_ಠ

So I configured my KX3 Radio to do APRS and used my iPhone to as a TNC (see my story about APRS) and used APRS to send an email message via radio.

So it works like this, APRS has a way to send messages to other HAMS. There are also APRS internet gateways, or i-gates. In other words when a APRS packet reaches a HAM Radio that is hooked up to a computer working as an i-gate, those packets are passed onto the internet where they can be used for things like vehicle tracking or sending messages. There is even an email gateway out there.

What does this all mean? It means that on Field Day when Chris and I are way out of range of any cell service and high in the mountains, I can send an email via APRS. So that’s what I did today. Testing this all out, I sent an email from my KX3 radio to Robin – and she WAS NOT IMPRESSED!

Oh, well in her defense she is used to this sort of thing when it comes to me.

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