Helping my Neighbor Launch an Antenna


Wayne charging the launcher with compressed air

So my neighbor and fellow HAM Chris (KG7NFF) had his friend Wayne over tonight to launch a wire antenna up into our trees. I helped a little as it was fun to watch the potato gun launcher that Wayne brought over.

It took three attempts to get the first line up. The first one the fishing line ran to the end before the projectile made it to the top of its arc. The line snapped and it was lost in the woods.

The second attempt was using a spool of twine, turns out that holding a plastic spool of twine while launching a projectile with 100 psi is not a good idea. It really was a good thing that no one was hurt.

The third attempt worked after we laid out enough line behind Wayne as he fired.

Here is the video

Update: Chris is reporting that the new antenna is doing great and he is working stations in Russia with it.

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