The Red Blinky Thing!

195-0290I remember back in the 80’s when I started to noticed what I called the “Red Blinky Thing”. I use to even keep a list of what movies I saw it in. I abandoned the list long ago, because it was just showing up everywhere.

So when this episode of Cracked’s “Obsessive Pop Cultural” showed up in my youtube feed, the title made me think of the Red Blinky Thing. Well they called it out. The video is only 8 minutes long. If you need to jump right to  Red Blinky Thing… it’s at 2:41.

Since it’s been a while since I’ve actually researched it, and in the 80’s the internet was not there… so it turns out you can still rent this prop for $777 for the first week.

I knew about the re-use of the Ghost Buster prop, and some of the others. However a lot of these reused props I never knew about.



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