I’ve been reading the book “No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the Surveillance State“. It’s a fascinating and alarming book. It’s a complicated issue, and raises many questions on how to have a conversation as nation about privacy. I find it hard to explain to non-technical people just what this all means. Not because they don’t understand, I’m just bad at trying to explain things like this.

Well thanks to John Oliver’s style of comedy journalism, I think he has found a way. Oliver  traveled to Russia and interviewed a very calm and intelligent Snowden and put the issue in perspective – D Pics. As crude as they may be to some people, it really send the point home. If the government can access your D Pics it suddenly sheds light on how troublesome Section 215 of the patriot act is. I’m just going to let Oliver explain it to you. This segment from Last Week Tonight is 33 minutes long. So take the time to watch it, or add it to your youtube watch later playlist.  So the next time you hear someone mention Snowden, you’ll know what this issue is all about.

Note: If this video spurs you not looking for how to secure you email conversations – they are lots of way. Mine is just using PGP. You can get my public key here. If your a Mac user check out PGP Tools.

There is an even easier and way to secure email that came out of CERN. If PGP is too complicated for you, and trust me it is for a lot of people, then check out ProtonMail.




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