Random Wire

I tried making a slingshot/fishing reel combo mounted on a board so  could launch a fishing line up into one of the trees in the back yard. As it turns out I went too cheap on the fishing reel, a $13 set from Big5 Sports. I was still able to get a line up though. Just by laying out enough fishing line on the ground and attaching a weight, which I shot using the slingshot.

Once I had the fishing line up in the tree, I attached twine to the lien, and brought it over the branch. Attached wire to the twine, then brought the wire up into the tree. I then and a random wire antenna about 40’to 50′ in the tree. Hooked up the KX3. Since it was already late in the afternoon 10 meters was dead. However I had my neighbor KG7NFF come by with his Yaesu QRP radio.

I need to perfect my method for getting a wire up in a tree so that it’s light and portable. Then I’ll have a great method to get a antenna high up when I and in the woods with the KX3.

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