Camp Handy

Though our new meet up group – Out of the Cube Adventures three of use went on a hike last Sunday on the Upper Dungeness River Trail #833. A gentle slope with little elevation gain and a round trip of 7 miles to Camp Handy and back.. Of course I took my Biolite stove and gill along. Grill a small steak and some red peppers. I have found for day hikes that it’s easier to bring a small back of kiln dried wood pre-chopped into little 4” bits and bring them in a plastic zip lock. It only weight a couple of ounces and the dry wood catch quickly. As a matter of fact on this trip I failed to pack any sort of fire starters for some reason. So I used some notebook paper to light stove. Since I had the nicely died wood it ignited quickly. Had I needed to collect rules from around the damp Camp Handy Shelter it might have been a bit more difficult.

The trail was in good condition. The section between the Royal Basin junction and Still Creek has a lot of running water in some sections. Still not bad at all for a early spring hike in the olympics.

Of course I made a small movie. I did not take as many photos/videos as would have liked to.


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