26 Years…

gh3_logo_v_2c_RGB_standoffSo today at about 11:10 AM I was told thank you for my years of service, but Group Health has decided that my position is no longer needed.

This day has been looming over me for almost two years, and GHC has been cutting positions in all departments. Over the last two years I have seen people I have worked with my entire career given the same news I was given today. In the last 18 months I have seen over 500 years of GHC IT experience alone leave. It’s hard to be on either side of these cuts. It was even harder to deliver it to Robin – who cried as I told her. I was doing “OK” up until that point. Hearing your spouse cry on the phone as you deliver bad news will bring anyone to tears.

I had two options, pack my stuff and vacate the office today, or sit around for two weeks in a dead man walking fashion. I chose to pull the rip cord and just leave. I’ll be able to say my good byes to friends and coworkers at another time.

Group Health is pretty much the only culture I know. I’m not sure what is ahead for me, however I have until July to figure it out. I have severance that will take me into next August and one year of COBRA coverage.

After our planned Hawaii vacation in November I’ll be working on a resume and updating my  ignore LinkedIn profile. Don’t be surprised if I hit you up for a recommendation.

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