Tubal Cain Mine Hike

So took some friends to one of my favorite hikes in the Olympic National Forest. Tubal Cain Mine. It was also my first hiking trip since getting my HAM license. So I brought my HT and spare antenna for it, a car mounted mag UHF. In hopes of being able to use the W7PSE repeater on top of Maynard Peak.

It was a great hike, I love taking first timers into the mine. The mine has an interesting history and it’s not gated. There is constant water flowing and you have to wade in water that some times goes mid shin in-depth. Oh, and of course it’s DARK inside there.

Video Inside Tubal Cain

I was able to make contact with Vince – KD7PVY once. I had to stand on the pile of scree that the mine entrance sits on, and hold the radio is just the right spot. The area in surrounded by mountains on three sides so it was difficult to get out.

On Saturday morning as we were gathering for a day hike to the B-17 crash, we ran into another hiker who was radioed up. Another HAM! I have forgotten his call sign already. However from him I learned about SOTA or Summits On The Air. Something I think I want start getting active in once I have my general license and can do more HF.

The B-17 crash is a somber place to visit, there men lost their lives. If you are interested here is the history.

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