JP Patches Ring Tone

This morning I woke a 3AM and could not go back to sleep, after renting the movie VHS on Apple TV I was still not tired. So I decided to make a JP Patches ring tone. The intro to the show was a mix of two Spike Jones tracks. Starting with a portion of Spike’s William Tell overture followed by a few measures of Dance of the Hours. Then ending with a cuckoo clock and an explosion.

I used this video clip as my guide. I found a somewhat useable cuckoo clock on  I did not add the explosion at the end. I also had to tweak the tempo just a hair to make the whole thing under 40 seconds.  A newly discovered limitation (for me) when creating a ringtone for iPhone.

JP Patches (MP3)

JP Patches iPhone Ringtone (mr4)

I hope you enjoy it.


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8 Responses to JP Patches Ring Tone

  1. Judy Lynn Senn says:

    How can I get this to my t-mobile phone?

  2. Shawna says:

    Thank you for making and posting this! I’ve been wanting this for a ring tone forEVER! I love it!!
    Patches Pal Forever

  3. Jeff says:

    Your welcome!

  4. Jeff says:

    Yeah, sorry. The method differs by phone, not the carrier. You’ll have to read the manual or fine someone to help you.

  5. Mitch Taylor says:

    My sister and I would lay on the living room floor every afternoon at our grandmothers house and watch JP Patches , however we were only aloud to watch it we could not listen to it because or uncle Kenny had to practice the piano every day after school, those were the rules back in 1964.
    Always a patches pal ,Vancouver BC

  6. Mitch Taylor says:

    Oh yah the ringtone, great job, its now my sisters ringtone I can’t wait to to let her hear it , now that are uncle is finished hi piano lessons.

  7. Rick says:

    hi, I cant figure out how to download this to my iphone any ideas?

  8. Jeff says:

    Rick, there are just too many possibilities. All I can offer is to use google and search for “how to add a custom ring tone to my [insert your phone make and model here]”.

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