JP Patches Ring Tone

This morning I woke a 3AM and could not go back to sleep, after renting the movie VHS on Apple TV I was still not tired. So I decided to make a JP Patches ring tone. The intro to the show was a mix of two Spike Jones tracks. Starting with a portion of Spike’s William Tell overture followed by a few measures of Dance of the Hours. Then ending with a cuckoo clock and an explosion.

I used this video clip as my guide. I found a somewhat useable cuckoo clock on  I did not add the explosion at the end. I also had to tweak the tempo just a hair to make the whole thing under 40 seconds.  A newly discovered limitation (for me) when creating a ringtone for iPhone.

JP Patches (MP3)

JP Patches iPhone Ringtone (mr4)

I hope you enjoy it.


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