Iron Creek and Burley Mt. Lookout

Went Camping Labor Day weekend at Iron Creek in the Pinchot National Forrest with friends.

The new Kargo Master rack and Safari Basket worked great. By the way, never book site D75 at Iron Creek if you can help it. It was literally a wide spot in in the road that is the D loop. We managed to make it work.

On Saturday Allen and I took the Burley Mt. Road (part of NF road 77) We did not let the washout at mile 13 deter us, we wanted to see it.

It was a pretty spectacular wash out. They had already started to rebuild the road and had  blocked it with machinery to prevent us from passing. We almost did anyways, because the Jeep could slip though no problem. It was large stump they placed on the other side that prevented us from going over. Note to self, get winch for jeep.

That’s Greenhorn Butte up there. That white patch is where part of the butte used to be. It’s all washed down in the the valley now.


To give you a sense of scale of the washout, here is a image of it from Google Maps.


On Sunday I took the Jeep by myself  up to Burley Mt. Lookout (a bit rougher road than NF77). The gate was open, so I could drive all the way to the lookout. You could see all the peaks from here.  Rainier, Adams, Hood and St. Helen’s. Here is a QTVR of the view taken from just below the lookout.

{qtvr uploads/2012/09/ 460 300}

Here is a view from the ledge where I had to turn the jeep around. That shadow on the right? That’s the back end of the wrangler. Robin and I are toying with the idea of spending a night in the lookout next August for the Perseid meteor shower next year. If the weather was anything like it was when I took this panorama, we’re in for a treat.

The road up to the look out is dusty with volcanic ash. It’s also narrow in places and ruff in others. Not a problem for my stock 2012 wrangler.

It was a fun trip and we had a great time.

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