Haleakala National Park – Sliding Sand Trail

So this hike was one for the adventerous. Driving up to the 10,000′ summit of Haleakala and taking the Sliding Sands Trail into the crater of volcano. It as close to being on mars as you can get here on earth. Since I was there early in the morning, there was hardly anyone on the trail. So at one point I found myself at bottom the crater with no living being in sight. What a sight was. At 10,000′ you’re just above the cloud line. Once side of the crate slopes and touches the cloud as the seem to try and roll into the crater, but just can not make it.

The plants! So there is the Haleakala Silversword Plant. This is the only place in the world they grow.  They look like something from the Jurassic era.  Taking their photo was tricky because their roots are so sensitive that you can not stand next to them. They are considered a threaten species. So getting some of these shots took a long lens and tripod.

I met very few people on this trail, first a couple of nice german ladies near the view-point, then about halfway down a small group of riders on horse back. Turns out there is a campsite at the far end of the crate (11 miles). I’m putting that on my bucket list.

It was near the bottom that I relaxed in the shade of a large boulder and read my Kindle before heading back.

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